There are four main technologies which allow you to explore the internet and get emails on the run. These technologies have different capabilities.

1. WI-FI/ Hotspots/Hubs

A “wireless ready” laptop is required (Centrino processor) and works from an antenna (like a cordless phone). The range is restricted to about 50m max. A wireless router can be added to a fixed broadband connection to make a similar wireless network.

2. 3G/GPRS/CDMA cards

PC cards fit into a laptop and work wherever there is a mobile signal as data travels over the mobile pone networks. The speed is between dial-up and low end broadband speed.

3. Mobile phone/PDA type email devices

Blackberry and similar devices have limited handling of email attachments. The keyboards are small and not suitable for long emails.

4. iBurst

And now there is iBurst which is simply Broadband, but wireless. Enjoy all the frustration free advantages of Broadband. A mobile phone gave you the freedom to call people wherever, whenever. iBurst gives you the same freedom to use the internet applications of web and email securely - wherever, whenever - at home, at work, in your client’s office, even on the bus or ferry . Available currently in the major cities on the East Coast, the iBurst network continues to expand and provide greater coverage. Once the network rollout is completed iBurst will be available to over 75% of the Australian population and 90% of businesses.

  • FAST – Download big files easily
  • ALWAYS ON – No dialling up
  • DOES’NT HOG THE PHONE – Be on the phone and the internet
  • NO RECONNECTION CHARGES if you move house or office
  • NO DELAY getting installed
  • SAVE by having one broadband for home and work

Simply load drivers onto laptop, insert the modem, enter username and password and connect to the internet. A modem for desktops is also available and can potentially be used in areas where broadband or cable is not available.

Click Here for iBurst Pricing and coverage map

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